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Each Grandstand Display Features:
  • Grandstand style seating so each PEZ can be seen clearly.
  • Felt padded railway rows keep PEZ from wobbling or dominoing. *
  • Full acrylic bottom piece to prevent spreading.
  • Seating/standing capacity of displays ranges from 20 to 120, depending on display stand size and 'head size' of PEZ.
  • Standard widths for Grandstands are 12" or 24" and height is from 2 to 6 rows.  (Custom sizes are available, just let us know your needs) 
  • Please be advised that our PEZ 'railways' are designed to hold standard 'footed' PEZ...If you want the railways to hold vintage N/F PEZ wearing BIG SHOES or Hearts ...we can make the rails to accomodate these shoes. Simply let us know if you want the whole display made that way or individual rows. 

 *** Please note....PEZ capacity will vary depending on size of their heads and your preferred spacing. ***


NEW! Grandstand displays are now available in our NEW 'ECONO' version pictured below. The only difference is that we use one railway on each row instead of two..which reducses the cost several dollars. Basically the Econo version works the same.... But it will also hold the big shoes for non footed PEZ.


Because the PEZ-HEADS seem to be getting a little larger... (the little plastic guys ... not the collectors) we have been asked to make the rows a little higher. This NEW grandstand is approximately 2" taller. It is available in clear in all sizes.


             24"W x 10.25"D x 10"H

    6 rows will hold up to 114-120 PEZ

          MODEL NO. 624HG120 (shown below)            $59.95

             Clear High Rise Stand


MODEL NO. 312G30
Economy 312G30E 

Dimensions: 12in. W x 5.5in. D x 3in. H
3 rows will hold up to 24-30 PEZ

$ 16.95
$  13.95

MODEL NO. 412G40
Economy 412G40E
Dimensions: 12in. W x 7in. D x 4in. H
4 rows will hold up to 32-40 PEZ

$ 22.95
$ 19.95

MODEL NO. 512G50
Economy 512G50E
Dimensions: 12in. W x 8.75in. D x 5in. H
5 rows will hold up to 40-50 PEZ

$ 25.95
$ 22.95

MODEL NO. 612G60
Economy 612G60E
Dimensions: 12in. W x 10in. D x 7.5in. H
6 rows will hold up to 48-60 PEZ

$ 29.95
$ 26.95

MODEL NO. 324G60
Economy  NO. 324G60E
Dimensions: 24in. W x 5.5in. D x 3in. H
3 rows will hold up to 54-60 PEZ


$ 29.95
$ 26.95

MODEL NO. 424G80
Economy 424G80E
Dimensions: 24in. W x 7in. D x 4in. H
4 rows will hold up to 72-80 PEZ

$ 34.95
$ 31.95

MODEL NO. 524G100
Economy 524G100E
Dimensions: 24in. W x 8.75in. D x 5in. H
5 rows will hold up to 90-100 PEZ

$ 39.95
$ 36.95

MODEL NO. 624G120
Economy 624G120E
Dimensions: 24in. W x 10.5in. D x 6.25in. H
6 rows will hold up to 108-120 PEZ
$ 49.95
$ 46.95
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